Which king was murdered by his soldiers on a minor issue, what was that incident?

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Today we will talk about a king who was murdered by his two soldiers on a minor issue. He was a great ruler and his empire extended till Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Afghanistan, Tehran etc.

Let's know who was that ruler and how was he murdered?

Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar

Agha Mohammad Khan was the founder of the Qajar dynasty in Persia (Iran). He was the king of Persia from 1789 to 1797.
Agha Mohammad Khan was a very ruthless and greedy king. He ruled up to Persia, Tehran, Afghanistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
How did Agha Mohammad Khan die?

The incident of Agha Mohammad Khan's death is very interesting.
The Agha Mohammad Khan had occupied the city of Sushi (Azerbaijan) and was resting in his tent during the night.
At the same time, there was an argument between the two of his soldiers, Sadegh Gorzhi and Khudadad-e-Ishfahani, who were guarding Agha Mohammad Khan and Agha Mohammad Khan woke up after hearing the loud voice of both of them.
He came out in a fit of rage and ordered both of them to be killed.
Hearing this order, both the soldiers started begging for their lives that do not give such a big punishment just for the mistake of arguing in a loud voice.
But he did not listen to anyone and he said that both of them will definitely get the death penalty.
Then the commander of Agha Mohammad Khan said to him, do not give such a big punishment on a small matter, but he was not ready to listen to anything.

His commander said that today is Friday and this day is considered to be a holy day for Muslims, so don't punish them with death today, but give them punishment next day.
Hearing this, the king agreed and said that it is okay, both of them will do their work today and they will be killed after tomorrow.
Both the soldiers were posted back in their work i.e. the protection of the king.
Both the soldiers were scared and angry that why they got such a big punishment for the slightest mistake.
Therefore both those soldiers, fearing death and anger, entered the king's tent at night and killed King Agha Mohammad Khan by stabbing him with a knife (1797).
A foolish decision like this led to the murder of Agha Mohammad Khan.

Many historians also believe that it was a planned murder by his nephew Fatah Ali Shah Qajar so that he could get the empire and after the murder of Agha Mohammad Khan, his nephew got the rule.



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