What Kills Sore Throat Fast at Home


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What Kills Sore Throat Fast at Home - A sore throat is a very irritating problem. In Sore Throat neither you can speak properly nor do you feel like eating anything. In Soar throat you will continuously feel pain in your throat. 

But the good thing is that the treatment of sore throat is very easy and you can cure sore throat at home. Let's find out the best sore throat remedy at home.

Gargling With Salt Water

Gargling with salt water is a tried and tested method. Add one teaspoon of salt to 2 glasses of warm water and gargle it, the water should be as hot as you can tolerate. 

Gargle in such a way that the warmth of the water is felt till the throat. Gargle every hour and then rinse with clean water after gargling so that the taste of the mouth does not get spoiled. 

Drink Lukewarm Water

Drinking lukewarm water is very beneficial for soar throat. Whenever you drink water, drink only lukewarm water. 

If you want, add ginger and cloves to the water and boil it, then drink that water lukewarm.


Taking steam is very beneficial when you have a sore throat. Soar throat gets cured quickly by taking steam three to four times a day. 

If you want, you can take steam by adding ginger, steep chamomile, lemon, and Vicks to the water, it will be very beneficial.

Take Painkillers

Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen with serratiopeptidase medicines can be taken in case of Soar throat. These medicines will give you a lot of relief from sore throat.

Have Tea

You can make tea by adding ginger, cloves, and basil. This is a very effective treatment for sore throat. 

Do not add milk and drink this tea three to four times slowly, you will get a lot of relief.

Use Throat Lozenges

There are many throat lozenges available in medical stores these days. You can take those lozenges. It is very effective in sore throat.

Tie a Warm Cloth Around The Neck

Wrap the throat by warm cloth, It will give great relief for sore throat. If there is no hot cloth, then you can also do fomentation by heating water in a water bottle.

Other Solutions

You can take Vitamin-C tablets, it is very effective in sore throat. Garlic tea is also very beneficial for sore throat. 

Have mixed veg soup but don't make it too spicy. Take plenty of fluids. 

If your sore throat doesn't get better in 3 days then see a doctor he will give you some antibiotics and you will be fine. Do not take any antibiotics by yourself.

Do not consume cold things at all, as it will worsen your sore throat, and do not eat any sour fruits. 


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