How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast at Home

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How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast at Home - Whenever someone takes an excessive amount of alcohol at night, there is a complaint of headache and dizziness in the morning after sleeping, which we call a hangover. 

Many people also feel nausea and stomach pain in a hangover. On having a hangover, a person becomes very sensitive to light and loud noises. 

People try different ways to avoid hangovers but they are not that effective. Let us tell you today the quickest way to get rid of a hangover at home.

Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration is the main cause of hangovers because our body gets dehydrated due to alcohol and we feel headaches, nausea, and dizziness. 

So if you drink a lot of water, your body will get hydrated soon and your hangover will go away. 

If you think that you will have a hangover the next day, then you drink plenty of water after you drink alcohol before going to bed at night. This is the best and most tried and tested way to get rid of hangovers.

Drink fruit juice

Fruit juice is very effective in getting rid of hangovers. Fruit juices contain fructose which gives you instant energy and gives you relief from headaches and dizziness. By drinking fruit juice, your liver processes alcohol quickly, which causes your hangover to end. 

Tomato juice, orange juice, sweet lime juice, coconut water, etc. are very effective in getting rid of a hangover. Drink only fresh juice of fruits, there will be no benefit from drinking packet juice.

Eat Potassium Rich Foods

Consuming foods that are rich in potassium helps to get over a hangover quickly. Fruits like bananas, kiwi, mushrooms, apricot, etc. are rich in potassium and are very helpful in getting rid of a hangover.

Take Electrolytes Drink

There are many electrolyte-rich drinks and powders available in the market. You can drink these drinks, they get rid of your hangover quickly. Drink plenty of water with any electrolyte drinks.

Don't Drink Tea and Coffee

Consuming carbonated drinks, tea and coffee will make your hangover worse. So don't drink tea, coffee, or carbonated drinks when you have a hangover.

Drink Ginger Drink

Boil ginger in 3 glasses of water and add some honey, half orange, and half lemon to it. Keep drinking this in every 15 minutes, your hangover will go away.

Eat Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine which helps in removing the toxins of alcohol from our body and gives you relief from hangover.

Drink Vegetable Soup

By drinking mixed vegetable soup, you get relief from a hangover very quickly. Do not use packet soup, drink only soup made from vegetables at home.

Sleep Again

If you feel like sleeping again and you have no work, then drink water and go to sleep again. This is a very effective way to end hangovers.

Other Methods

If you can walk a little, then you walk for 3 kilometers, it is an effective way to end the hangover. 

If your headache is getting worse then you can take any over-the-counter medicine. 

Take any antacid medicine, it also gives relief from the burning sensation in the stomach during a hangover. 

Do not take any other medicine, as there are many medicines on the market that claim to cure hangovers but they are not effective. 

The best way is to drink lots of water to get rid of a hangover at home.


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