What Are Meftal Spas Tablet Uses

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Meftal Spas Tablet Uses - Meftal Spas is a combination of two medicines, which is given in the treatment of abdominal pain, abdominal cramps and period pain.

Meftal Spas should be taken only after a meal.

Drug Combination in Meftal Spas Tablet

Meftal Spas contains two molecules Dicyclomine (Dicyclomine-10 mg) and Mefenamic Acid (Mefenamic Acid-250 mg).


Dicyclomine is an anticholinergic drug and is used to reduce spasms of the abdominal muscles.
It relaxes the smooth muscles of our intestines and slows down the movement of the intestines.
It blocks Acetylcholine inside our stomach.

Mefenamic Acid

Mefenamic acid is a pain-relieving drug that comes under the category of NSAID.
It blocks the enzymes that cause pain, swelling and fever in our body.
This medicine blocks the Cox enzyme, due to which prostaglandin hormones are not produced and the patient does not feel pain.

Dosage of Meftal Spas Tablet

Meftal Spas has to be taken 3 to 4 times a day. The doctor prescribes it according to the severity of the pain.


Meftal Spas Tablet Uses

1) Abdominal pain

2) Abdominal cramps or cramps

3) Period pain

4) IBD

Side Effects of Meftal Spas Tablet

Some patients may have side effects of Meftal Spas like

1) Dry mouth

2) Dizziness

3) Sleep

4) Blurred vision

5) Feeling like vomiting

6) Weakness

7) Nervousness


Is Meftal Spas Safe For Kidney And Liver Patients

Doctor's advice must be taken before giving Meftal Spas to kidney and liver patients.
Kidney and liver patients have to change the dose.


Who Manufactures Meftal Spas

Meftal Spas is manufactured by Blue Cross Laboratories.


How Long Does Meftal Spas Take To Show Effect?

It takes 2-3 hours for Meftal Spas to show its effect.
In most of the cases, the patient gets complete relief within 3 days. 

Few patients are also given Meftal Spas for 7 days.
If there is no relief even after 7 days, then the doctor changes the medicine or adds some more medicines.
Meftal Spas should not be given to children under 12 years of age without a doctor's advice.

Who Should Not Be Given Meftal Spas Without Doctor's Advice

1) Asthma patients

2) Kidney patients

3) Liver patients

4) Glaucoma patients

5) Patients who have undergone bypass surgery

6) Pregnant women and lactating women

How Do You Take Meftal Spas Tablets

Meftal Spas should not be taken on an empty stomach. Meftal Spas should be taken only after eating something.
Meftal Spas should not be chewed or crushed.



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