What Does it Mean if Your ANA is Positive

ANA Test - When there is a specific autoimmune disease in our body, the doctor prescribes us the ANA test.

ANA means Antinuclear Antibody and in this, our immune system starts working against our own body.

Antibodies are made by our body to protect the body against outside invaders like bacteria, viruses, etc.

But in autoimmune disease, this antibody attacks our body itself and starts destroying it.

ANA attacks the nucleus of the cells of our body and starts damaging them.


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The ANA blood test is mainly used to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and scleroderma.

ANA Test Positive Symptoms

ANA is an autoimmune disease and its symptoms appear late. its symptoms are

1) Joint pain, swelling
2) Muscle and joint pain
3) Red spots on cheeks and nose
4) Weakness and fatigue
5) Sensitivity to light
6) Numbness of hands or feet
7) Hair fall
8) Abdominal pain
9) Swollen lymph nodes
10) Dryness of eyes and mouth
11) Blisters in the mouth

ANA Test Positive Means

The result of the ANA test is either positive or negative, if it is negative then it means that you do not have autoimmune disease.
But a positive ANA test means you have an autoimmune disease. 

Sometimes you don’t even have any symptoms and your ANA test comes positive.

This means that you have an autoimmune disease and it can cause problems later on.
20% of people who test positive for ANA are those who are over 65 years old, have or have had TB disease, and are taking medication for blood pressure and seizures.
If the result of the ANA test is positive, the doctor prescribes you ANA panel or ANA profile test. This helps us to determine which disease it is.

ANA Test Positive Treatment

ANA test positive means that you have an autoimmune disease and this disease is never cured.

Autoimmune diseases can simply be stopped on the spot and the patient given medicines for symptomatic relief.
In most cases, the doctor gives painkillers and immunosuppressants.

Disease Caused by Positive ANA Test

1) Rheumatoid Arthritis

2) Lupus

3) Scleroderma

4) Sjogren’s Syndrome

5) Addison’s Disease

6) Autoimmune Hepatitis

ANA Test Price 

The ANA test is done with blood and costs Rs 1,000. You can get this test done at any time and there is no need of fasting.



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